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The Artist - Vlado Janevski

Born in Macedonia, in Australia since Nov 1989.

Other interests:

Creative writing: published a novel "Made in Jabana", 2004, Skopje. A book of awarded short stories "No Return", 1985, Skopje. Another two  novels ready for publishing. 

Cartooning: published a number of cartoons between 1990-1993 in the weekly Australian magazine "The Bulletin".

Chemistry: more than 12 years of experience in Australia in the field of research and development. Worked on various projects and formulated a number of chemical products for the Australian market.

Computer Programming: professional level of expertise in C and C++, Visual Basic, Java, HTML and other Web Development languages. Developed several  commercial software products.

If one opens the eyes wider and pricks up the ears, takes a deep breath and lifts the head up, then one will see that life is beautiful, even if it was their last day. The beauty of life is everywhere, but sadly many people often cannot see it even when it is right in front of their eyes.

Is there going to be more peace and understanding if everyone tried to find time to write a poem or read a good book?

Would the day be brighter or the night more cheerful if everyone sang and danced or allowed to be taken away on the wings of music?

Is it then going to be some other world or still the same place..?

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